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R A E M Contest

1. Organizers

The "Soyuz Radioljubitelej Rossii" (Union of Radioamateurs of Russia) is pleased to announce the RAEM Contest.

2. Contest Period

0200 - 0959 UTC 23 December 2007, 8 hours.
The E.T.Krenkel Memorial, "RAEM Contest is to be held on the 4-th full weekend of December on the following amateur bands: 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 m.
Mode: CW only.

3. Categories

А    Single operator - Single band - HP
В    Single operator - All Bands - НР
В1  Single operator - All Bands - LР
C    Multi operator - All Bands (2-3 operators)
D    SWL

4. Exchange

Serial number of QSO, since 001 and participant's geographical coordinates, degree values only (!) with hemisphere indicator in German language: N-Nord (Northern), S-Sud(Southern), W-West (Western) and O-Ost (Eastern) Hemispheres. For instance, RW9HZZ and RX0LWC have "001 57N 85O" and "001 44N 133O" exchange numbers respectively.
You may work the same station on different bands.
10 band changes per hour are allowed.
Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
Any cluster or human assistance is prohibited.

5. QSO Points

Each QSO worth 50 points + 1 point for every degree difference in geographical coordinates, both latitude and longitude.
Every QSO with a Polar Circle station gives additional 100 points.
Every QSO with RAEM memorial station gives additional 300 points.

    The final score consists of:
  • QSO points
  • Coordinates difference points
  • QSO with Polar Circle stations points
  • QSO with RAEM station points

Participants, located in the Polar Circle, multiple their final score to 1.1.
An example: 300 QSO x 50 +11000 coordinates difference points + 3200 additional points = 29200 points.

6. Short-wave listeners

SWL stations must copy both calls and one exchange numbers in case of one-way QSO reception, and both call and both exchange numbers in case of two-way QSO reception. One-way QSO reception worth 1 point, two-way - 3 points. Dupe reception of the same station on the same band worth 0 points. Final score is the sum of the QSO points by the bands.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates will be awarded in each category, listed in the "Categories" section if there were at least 5 participants. B, B1 and C categories continental winners and Polar Circle stations winner will be awarded as well.

8. Log submissions

Electronic logs should be submitted via e-mail to: raem@srr.ru.
Stations expecting to enter a "top ten" score in any category MUST use electronic submission.
Submit your log as an attachment in a cabrillo format.
Filename for your log should contain your call sign, for instance UA9PM.CBR.
Be sure to put your call and contest name in the "subject" line of your log subission, for instance: RW4WR RAEM.
Be sure to show your claimed result in a message body of your log submission (number of QSOs and additional points sum).

Paper logs should be sent to: Pashkov A.S., P.O. BOX 177, Novosibirsk, 630032, RUSSIA

    Title sheet should contain the following data:
  • contest name, mode and dates of the contest;
  • callsign, used in the contest;
  • category;
  • station location;
  • operator's call sign, full name and address;
  • number of QSOs;
    Contacts in a log submission should be made in chronological order. Each QSO or SWL record must contain the following (* asterisk means not obligatory requrement in case of paper logs):
  • Date; *
  • Frequency, kHz (14010, 3500, etc.)
  • UTC;
  • Your call * (for SWLs - one of the received calls);
  • Mode;
  • Other station's call (for SWLs - another received call);
  • Sent and received exchange numbers.

The example of electronic or paper log:
OP1: Mikhail Klokov
ADDRESS: P.O. BOX 00, Novosibirsk
ADDRESS: 630032, Russia
ADDRESS: rz9ua@yandex.ru
QSO: 21051  CW  2003-04-21  0200  UA9PM      00154N83O     UA9OK      00155N83O


Log submissions should be sent to the organizers within 15 days. All entries must be postmarked NO LATER than January 08, 2008. All log submissions sent after that day or received after February 08, 2008 will be accepted as the check-logs. An extension of the log submission terms may be given by the referees if requested by letter or other means. In that case the last deadline would be given.

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